Lives transformed by Jesus


About us

St Andrew's Church is a community of ordinary people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life who gather as a church in North Oxford and then disperse across the city. We are committed to having our own lives transformed by Jesus – and to seeing the communities in which we live and work transformed by Him.

We are part of the Church of England and welcome all. Whether you are already a follower of Christ, exploring who Jesus is, or just want to find a community that listens and cares – there is a place for you to thrive.

Our Sunday services vary a bit in style, but in each one, the Bible will be read and preached as God's Word. You can listen to our recorded sermons online — but do come and visit us on a Sunday! Everyone is welcome – and we love having children and young people as a big part of our church family.

We are also very active throughout the week, with activities for all ages — explore groups to connect with or view upcoming events in our calendar.

We gather for prayer weekly and seek to love and impact our wider community — many of us volunteer with local charities and support mission in Oxford and beyond. All because we want to see lives transformed by Jesus.

Explore our website and please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For a brief summary of church life at St Andrew’s, take a look at our 2021 snapshot review.


Our values

Our values reflect key characteristics of Jesus himself.  We believe these values are what marks us out as a church family – they are St Andrew’s at our best, what we aspire to be, and to celebrate.

Audacious generosity

We are generous with one another and with the communities in which we live and serve. To see lives transformed by Jesus will mean that we see lives of audacious generosity in the church.

We give generously of our time, serving practically and giving financially to our church family.

Courageous vulnerability

We are undefended, honest and vulnerable before God and before one another in order that we might help one another on the journey of faith, and so that the work of God’s grace in our lives might be clearly shown. We help others on their journey with God by seeing how He has helped us.

Our house groups are one of the key spaces where we can show courageous vulnerability.

Determined service

As Jesus served us, so we are called to serve one another and we do so without discrimination. We recognise that determination in service is the call of Christ on His people and we gratefully build on what God has already done through His people in this place. We seek to serve so that our legacy will, by God’s grace, be positive for those that follow.

Learn more about serving at St Andrew’s and in the city.



Our priorities help us to focus our activity in such a way that we might see lives transformed by Jesus. We aim for all our ministries and activities to result in developing leaders, growing churches and transforming communities.

Developing leaders

We are led by Jesus, the Chief Shepherd, and we exercise leadership under him, at every age and stage of our lives as we live for Him.

We identify, recruit, develop and invest in godly leadership across all ages and stages inside the church, and actively promote godly leadership outside the church. We are a training church for those pursuing church leadership; and invest in leadership programmes for young people and for adults to help our discipleship and the way that we show faith in everyday life.

Growing churches

We know that Jesus builds His church. We prioritise growth in depth and breadth at St Andrew’s.

We are privileged to work with neighbouring parishes to see a new church growing in Cutteslowe (an estate to the north of St Andrew’s). Find out more about Cutteslowe Connected Church, its mission and its partnership with St Andrew’s. Our desire is to be a church with the DNA to plant other churches and to resource other churches in the locality where we can use the gifts God has given us to bless others.

Transforming communities

We love to see whole communities transformed by the Gospel of Christ. Many of us volunteer with or support charities and mission in Oxford and beyond.

We seek to transform communities by leading people to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour and by practically demonstrating Christ’s love for the world. At the heart of transformed communities are transformed people so we provide groups and courses that help people to live positive lives in the community regardless of their approach to faith. We use our facilities and our finances to show the love of Jesus. We partner with charities and organisations that are committed to the long term flourishing of the city and the world. We seek to find opportunities to innovate with key partners to transform communities locally and internationally.



To see lives transformed by Jesus

We know that it is only through prayer that we will see this happen. So foundational to our mission, our values, and our priorities, is our reliance on prayer.



Whether you’re a follower of Christ or just exploring who Jesus is, St Andrew’s is a place for you to thrive.

Learn how you can connect with life at St Andrew’s.