What are house groups?

House groups are small groups of people (around 8-12) who meet in homes throughout Oxford to study the Bible, pray and support one another in the Christian life. They provide an opportunity to develop the kind of deep relationships that are foundational to being transformed by Jesus.

We want our house groups to be places of deepening discipleship, authentic community and loving pastoral care that results in long-term, lasting spiritual growth.

Whether you are looking into the Christian faith, or have been following Jesus for years, everyone would benefit from being a part of a house group.


How to join a house group

There are about 25 house groups at St Andrew’s, located around Oxford and beyond. The groups generally meet weekly or every other week during term time. Most groups meet in the evenings but there are also daytime groups. Everyone is welcome to join!

You can learn more about our groups below, just click on the day of the week to see a full list of the house groups meeting that day.

To connect with a group please speak to one of the group leaders or email Paul White.


Mondays 8pm-9.30pm (Alternate weeks)

  • Leaders: Alistair and Rosie Booth.
  • Location: Cumnor Hill

Mondays 8pm-10pm (Alternate weeks)

  • Leaders: Sarah and Martin Burton, Catherine and Andrew Dilnot.
  • Location: North Oxford


Tuesdays 7.30PM-9.30PM

  • Leaders: Richard and Rebecca Ekins
  • Location: Waterways, North Oxford

Tuesdays 7.45PM-9.30PM

  • Leader: David Cundy
  • Location: Wolvercote

Tuesdays 7.45PM-9.30PM

  • Leaders: Pamela Stanworth, Sheila Romney, Karen Lawrence
  • Location: Rotate round members' homes

Tuesdays 7.45PM-9.30PM

  • Leaders: Rachel Boswell and Claire Lewis
  • Location: North Oxford

Tuesdays 8pm-9.30pm (Alternate weeks)

  • Leaders: Joel and Hannah Penwarden
  • Location: Islip, West Oxford

Tuesdays 7.30pm-10pm (once a month, usually 3rd Tuesday

  • Leaders: Andy and Andrea West
  • Location: Yarnton, North Oxford
  • Programme: Bible study using a study booklet
  • Pattern of meeting: We meet for a meal, and then split into two groups for study and prayer.


Wednesdays 8pm-9.30pm

  • Leaders: Tim Cooper
  • Location: Cutteslowe and North Oxford.

Wednesdays 8pm-9.30pm

  • Leaders: David Wright and Joyce Francois
  • Location: Houses of members, mostly in North Oxford

Wednesdays 8pm-10pm (Alternate Weeks)

  • Leader: Godfrey Stone
  • Location: North Oxford
  • Programme: We prayerfully read books that broaden our spirituality. Most of the group have been Christians for sometime, and want to ponder and reflect on some of the deep issues of faith.

Wednesdays 8pm-10pm

  • Leader: Jeremy Gibbons and Margaret Lamb
  • Location: North Oxford & Marston

Wednesdays 8pm-9.30pm

  • Leaders: Peter Taylor
  • Location: Witney


Thursdays 10am-12pm - Women's Daytime Group

  • Leaders: Sally Styles and Rita Bevan
  • Location: North Oxford

Thursdays 10am-12pm - Women's Daytime Group

  • Group Coordinators: Diana Briggs, Carolyn McCrum and Dianne Bayfield
  • Location: North Oxford

Thursdays 10.30am (Except 1st of the month and on Lunch Club days)

  • Leaders: David Blair
  • Location: St Andrew's Church
  • Pattern of meeting: Bible reading, talk and discussion with time of sharing and prayer for older members of the church. We meet weekly, except for on the first Thursday of the month when we celebrate 10.30am Holy Communion.

Thursdays 7pm-9pm

  • Leader: Anna Bishop
  • Location: West Oxford and Zoom alternately
  • Pattern of meeting: Dinner, Bible study and prayer.

Thursdays 7.45pm-9.45pm

  • Leaders: Anne Maxfield and Neil Laws
  • Location: Headington

Thursdays 8.00pm-9.30 pm

  • Leaders: Dan and Charlotte Maughan
  • Location: Varies

Thursdays 8pm-9.30pm

  • Leaders: Henry and Tor Swayne
  • Location: North Oxford

Thursdays 8pm-10pm (Alternate Weeks)

  • Leaders: Simon and Jenny Horobin
  • Location: Kidlington

Thursdays 8pm-9.30pm

  • Leaders: Dominic and Lydia Vella
  • Location: North Oxford


Fridays 10am-12pm - Women’s Daytime Group

  • Leaders: Brenda MacRitchie, Sue Jackson & Rosemary Alexander
  • Location: North Oxford
  • Programme: We meet together for coffee and then split into two groups.

Fridays 9am-11am - Women's Daytime Group

  • Leaders: Caroline Turnbull and Hana Prosser
  • Location: We meet in each others’ homes. Contact one of the group leaders for details of where we are meeting.

Fridays 9am-11am - Women's Daytime Group

  • Leaders: Rachel Lane, Jayne Joyce, Sharon Dirckx & Viky Lavy
  • Location: North Oxford